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Dr. Prabhat Soni

Dr. Prabhat Soni

Personal Details

  • Doctor Name : Dr. Prabhat Soni

  • Primary Specialty : Physician

  • Experience : 26+ Years


Education & Training

  • Medical Education : M.D (Med)

  • Practice Areas : Practice area General Physician Cardiologist and Diabetologist

  • Certifications : MMC

Dr. Prabhat Soni


PG with MD Med from Dharvad University JNMC Bailgaon. work in various Hospital and ICCU in Mumbai like Bombay Hospital, Jaslok hospital,
Nanavati Hospital , Bandra Bhabha Hospital , sir H.N Hospital, Asha Parekh Hospital, special interest in Cardiologist and Diabetologist

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