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Dr. Dilip Chaudhari

Dr. Dilip Chaudhari

Personal Details

  • Doctor Name : Dr. Dilip Chaudhari

  • Primary Specialty : General Surgeon | GI Endoscopist | Laparoscopic Surgeon

  • Experience : 33+ Years


Education & Training

  • Medical Education : Mumbai University

  • Practice Areas : MS in General Surgery | GI Endoscopy | Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Certifications : 

Dr. Dilip Chaudhari


Wide experience/ exposure of more than 33 years, after MS in the field Of General Surgery, GI Endoscopy and Laparoscopic Surgery. (1988- Dec 2021)

1988- till today working as consultant General surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon and GI Endoscopist. Mumbai.

Consistently good results in last more than 33 years with ≤ 2 % Complication rate, no post operative ICU transfer for any complication, no Surgical death in last 33 years. No medico legal or other complaints by Patients till today.

Valid Full Registration – 1) Maharashtra Medical Council, Bombay

                                          2)  Indian Medical Council India.

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